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Unique Spring Manufacturing Company Limited has been devoted to extraordinary customer service, high quality product, and constant technical advancement. Here at Unique Spring, we work hard to manufacture and deliver custom design springs that are engineered to constantly meet or surpass your expectations.

Unique Spring offers an extensive range of formed, coiled and stamped metal components for a large numbers of functions, use and purpose. With our excellent knowledgeable, skilled and qualified class team of engineers and technicians, we stand out at high-speed mould and form presentation and production development with an emphasis on design, quality and manufacturability. Our customers have come to trust and rely on us for original, resourceful and ingenious solutions, constant quality improvement and development and best rate in the market.


→ Extension spring

→ Torsion spring

→ Calipers spring

→ Central-raised spring

→ Drum spring

→ Pagoda spring

→ Recantation spring

→ Unique distance spring

→ Square snail roller spiral power spring

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